Delicious new recipe I created


I had an idea for a recipe today. I created it and here it is!

Fried Chicken and Corn Chowder


What you need:

1 LB skinless boneless chicken cubed

6 slices of bacon diced and fried crispy and drained(save the grease)

4 scallions diced

3 medium red potatoes diced

1 bag of frozen corn or any kind of corn you like1 carton of Swanson cream starter

1 carton of Swanson cream starter

2 T butter

seasoned flour for frying chicken

1 cup chicken stock (or veggie stock)


1. In a pan fry bacon crispy and remove from oil onto a paper plate to drain. Reserve the bacon grease and add a bit of cooking oil to make enough to fry the chicken cubes in.

2. Dredge the chicken in the flour and fry till golden brown. Drain on a paper plate or paper towels.

3. In a large high sided pan or stock pot, put the butter in and melt. Once melted add the potatoes and scallions. Gently saute together for 2 minutes then add the stock and lid the pan. Steam the potatoes till fork tender.

4. Add the corn and heat thoroughly.

5. After the corn is heated there should be liquid in the bottom of the pan. If not add about 1/2 to 3/4 cup more chicken broth and let it heat. Then add the entire box of Swanson cream starter. salt and pepper to taste. the taste should resemble peppered gravy.

6. Add in the bacon bits and chicken and simmer for about 10 minutes.

Serve with biscuits.

Oh man this was tasty.. it is indeed a chowder that will stick to your ribs. Even my hubby loved it and he isn’t even a soup fan. I hope you enjoy this recipe.


A Letter to Myself



This is my personal script for getting my business going. I AM a writer and I WILL be successful at doing what I love.

The reason I am doing this is because I love to stretch my imagination and capture someone’s attention with my words. I love the way words can create emotion and paint a mental picture. I have always wanted to be my own boss and live by my own schedule and now at 46 years of age and with the help of my loving supportive husband I am going to do it.

Words and writing have always been a passion for me. Unfortunately for me I have put everyone first. By everyone I do mean everyone, kids, family and friends, job’s needs all before my own. It is time to find out who Wendy is and what she wants.

I am a strong intelligent gifted individual who deserves to be happy in all aspects of life. I am my own person and the people that I bring to my friend and family circle are all hand picked. In some way they fit into the puzzle of my life and create a harmonious bubble.

I will be successful because I believe in myself. I will not allow rejection and criticism tear down my self esteem. I will use this information to learn and improve my skills. Everyone has an opinion and no one is perfect. I am good enough to accomplish this goal for myself. I will be self employed and successful.

I will find smaller jobs to take on while I am honing my skills to better prepare myself to take on the bigger jobs and thus my own manuscript. The more I write the better I will become because, I am good enough to make it in this market. No job is beneath me. No job is above me. I am adaptable and will make every effort to satisfy the client to the fullest extent of my ability.

I will learn the things that make my life easier and incorporate these things daily. I will improve the things I already know and strive to learn something new everyday to improve me as a person and as a writer. I will be efficient with my time and I will be organized.

I will not allow myself become complacent and lazy when success starts to become apparent and recognizable. I will be firm with my family and friends when I am completely self-employed in that I won’t allow them to be a hindrance or to usurp my time. Being self-employed is a real job. My home is my office and the work is very real.

I will set reasonable daily goals for myself that are reasonably attainable. I will challenge myself. I will not be disillusioned into thinking this will all happen overnight. I am a clear thinker and I know that success doesn’t happen overnight. Success takes hard work and perseverance. I will dedicate as much time and energy into creating a successful as is necessary. Half the battle is already won because I am affirming to myself in this letter all that I am and all that I will accomplish.

I wrote this to myself 5 years ago. Four days ago I published my first book. It is a small E-book called Grammy’s Grub. It can be found on Amazon Kindle. at the link below.

There will be many more books of all kinds there from me.

See ya soon!


Ninja Chicken Hunter


One morning after Christmas, my husband and I woke to get ready for work. We showered and dressed. I stood in the kitchen and talked with him while he made his lunch and then he left for work. I watched him back out of the driveway and putt off down the road. I went back to the bedroom to finish my face and hair. All of a sudden, I hear the sound of a rooster crow.

At first, I figured that it was my daughter’s alarm clock. It makes that sound as an alarm. I went to her room to investigate the noise and found she was in the shower. Deciding that it was my imagination, I went back to my room.

A couple minutes go by and I hear the noise again. Only this time it was definitely louder and outside. I open the back door and stick my head out to see if I can tell where it is coming from. I hear it again! “Who the hell would live in the city and buy a rooster?” I say to no one. “Mrow” is the answer my cat gave me. He had heard it too and was helping me investigate.

I snorted and shut the door. Kitty meowed and ducked behind the curtain to keep watch. I went back to my room muttering something about having a chicken dinner if I caught it in my yard.

Twenty minutes or so had passed and it had gotten bright enough to silence the offending cock-a-doodle-doer. I continue to mutter to myself that this is not going to be good. I hate to get woke up before it is time and I knew that my husband would be livid.

The kids started to meander around the house getting ready for school and I asked them if they had heard this rooster. They all told me that they hadn’t heard him. Great! Now I have an evil ninja rooster that only I and the cat can hear apparently.

Later in the day, my husband called me and I asked him if he had heard the rooster when he left this morning. He said, “No I didn’t hear any rooster.” Hmm,  well maybe it was just me then, well me and the cat apparently, but he had little to say about it.

Well, the day went on and I forgot about the rooster until the next morning. My husband was going to get to sleep in a little bit because of fog. Little did we know, the evil rooster had his own ideas.  I get up at my normal time and start my morning routine. I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I hear it.


Very loud and very clear, it was the evil rooster. I open the bathroom door and whisper as if the rooster was going to hear me, “You heard that, right? I know you heard that!” He lifts his head off the pillow. COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOO! The rooster crowed several times. My husband slides his eye mask to his forehead and sits up.

He looks at me and I raise my eyebrows and point to the back yard. “No way!” he exclaims and stomps to the back door. He opens the door and listens. The cat is right there with him. “Mra” kitty whispers and looks outside too.


My husband stomps back into the bedroom and slams his feet into his flip-flops and walks to the garage mumbling obscenities which I shall not repeat here. I hear him stomping back and opening the back door.

I look outside to see my now very angry husband tromping around in the back yard in his boxers and flip-flops with a silver eye mask on his forehead which reads ‘ just 10 more minutes’ on it, brandishing some sort of stick he acquired from the garage. Watching this sends me into fits of laughter.

My usually sane hubby has now morphed into the evil ninja chicken hunter as he stealthfully tiptoes around the back yard. My hubby lowers his stick and turns to stomp through the pine needles back to the house. I retreat to the bedroom to compose myself before he comes in.

I hear the door open and then I hear the rooster crow again. ER ERER ERER!  My husband turns around and yells “SHUT UP!” to the rooster and slams the back door. I try to hold in the laugh but it snorts out through my nose and I begin laughing again.

My husband looks at me with his mad face as he comes back into the bedroom to try to recover his last few minutes of sleep and I cover my mouth trying not to laugh. He looks away and snickers too. “This isn’t funny man! I should call the cops on that dumb chicken!” he said as he slammed himself  back onto his pillow.

I finally get myself under control enough to say “Well honey, I don’t think our neighborhood is zoned for chickens.” Tears from laughter begin to pour down my face. I apologize to him because I know he is upset, but I can’t stop laughing.

He gets a smirk on his face and slides his mask over his eyes. The rooster crows again. My husband yells “AAARRRGH” he slides his mask up and grabs his phone.  He is grumbling thru gritted teeth as he dials the police station.

The lady answers. This is how the conversation goes from my husband’s end.

“Yeah, are we zoned for chickens?”

The lady speaks.

“No, a chicken. What it is, one of my neighbors who’s back yard is adjoining to mine has apparently got a chicken for Christmas or something and it is going ER ERER ERER every morning and I wanna know if since that we are in the city limits if we are zoned for chickens.”

There is a pause and the lady speaks again.( I can only imagine that she is trying as hard as I am at this point not to laugh.)

“Yeah, a chicken.”

Lady speaks.

“So you’re gonna check that out for me and call me back? Because I have to get up in a minute because it is a workday but I don’t wanna hear ER ERER ERER on Saturday when I am trying to sleep in because of some dumb chicken. “ he gives her our address and his cell number.

Lady speaks

“Okay, good. Thank you.”

And that was the conversation.

I am almost ready for work, finally, after reapplying my mascara for the second time and I go over to kiss him on his head and tell him it will be okay. They will surely send the cops to arrest the chicken. He only grunts. I got this mental image of a chicken marched out to the squad car in handcuffs and a muzzle on his beak and it made me giggle.

Well, later that day I get a phone call from my husband who excitedly tells  me we are indeed not zoned for chickens and that the code enforcement officer will be going out to seek the chicken’s whereabouts. I congratulated him on his ripping victory over the evil ninja rooster.

Mornings have been silent ever since.

Lunch with Granny


Hey Guys!

Today I did my taxes. About half way through I decided to take a break and go to the local Capt. D’s for some fish lunch. I made my order of a grilled salmon dinner, figuring this would have the least amount of gastric devastation for my finicky tummy.

I got my meal to go since I don’t particularly like to eat in public alone. As I stood waiting for my buzzer to go off, I took a moment to soak up the environment around me.  I noticed that the majority of the guests were elderly folks. Nicely dressed as if they had just come from church. The ladies were all in dresses, sweetly quaffed hair, and just a bit of makeup. The gents in their suits and ties, hair finely styled as well, hurrying around to get drinks and condiments for their ladies and themselves.

Just then, a memory came to mind of going to a similar place with my granny and my parents as a child. Granny loved her catfish dinner on Sunday. I don’t recall actually going to church with Granny, but I do remember going to lunch. I couldn’t help but smile at the memory from so long ago.

Granny used to like the raw onion with her fish. I remember I used to wrinkle my nose when she would offer me one. She would smile and say that I didn’t know what I was missing. I still don’t like raw onion like that, but Granny was right.

Then I took another look around and realized that there were no grandchildren with these folks. Just tables and tables of elderly folks chatting among themselves. That made me feel a bit sad. The memories I have with my granny mean so much and I wondered if these people ever got to spend time with their grand kids. I hoped so.

I wish I could have another lunch with Granny.

Mom’s Good Advice


I haven’t written anything for a while. Life has been taking me for quite the little ride of late and I feel like it has swept me along like a marionette. I haven’t been able to get my bearings or know which way is up.  I have been struggling with all my hats.  The “me” hat seems to always get lost in the shuffle. Some days I just want to yell and scream to make it all stop.

Last year had so many ups and downs. My youngest graduated high school. My mom got cancer and got rid of the cancer but still passed away from COPD related issues. New granddaughter was born to my son and his lovely wife. My husband and I both lost our jobs early in the year but eventually found new ones.

I had been speaking to my mom a lot early last year and she reminded me that I hadn’t written anything since February. I thought about it and she was right, I hadn’t. We talked about that for a long while.  I told her all that had been going on with me, and the family and she said that I needed to “get it in gear and start writing again”.

She reminded me that I need to make time for me and make my writing a prominent part of my day so that I can accomplish the goal I set out to last fall. As usual, she is right. I have been allowing all my other hats to take precedence over the very thing that I love to do just for me. Even my husband asks me how the writing is going. My excuse is always the same. When do I have time?

I did create a cozy space for myself to be in to write. I have my beautiful green walls, the glider I used to rock my daughter in 18+ years ago when she was born. While the room isn’t completely the way I want it yet, it is a start and still very calm and inviting to sit in, a very relaxing space with not a lot of noise.

Writing has always been an outlet for me. I feel like I am good at it. I am a bit too judgmental of myself. I need to cut that out. I need to write from the heart. Like William Forrester suggests, write from your heart, no thinking, that comes later. He was a very wise man. Yes, I know he is fictional, but good advice none-the-less.

I think overall I have maybe had a touch of fear in my heart that I maybe am not good enough or smart enough or that I didn’t know as much about things as other authors. How can I compete with the Stephen King’s and Danielle Steele’s of the world? You know, fear of failure. What if I try and fail. Well some would say, better to try and fail than to never try at all. I think mom would agree with that.

While it is true, it is still a scary thing to think about. What happens if I do fail? What happens if everyone thinks I suck? What happens if someone I look up to in the genre I am writing judges me too harshly? Well, I feel certain that there will be those that don’t think much of my skills but that only means that there are some who will be absolutely thrilled by my wordsmithery.

Therein lays my other fear. I am terrified of success as well. While this may sound stupid to some of you, it is a big fear of mine. As much as I wish and hope it happens. The reason is I would have to market myself probably in public. I am not very good at speaking in public to people focused on me directly, and what if it is a smashing success and I have to go on a talk show and talk about my book? Holy Crap! Would I be brave enough? Would I sound like a babbling idiot?

I guess there is no reason to worry over things that haven’t even happened yet right? That would be mom’s advice on that subject. Cross that bridge when you come to it. Well, she has always given me good advice. I think I’ll take her good advice and “get it in gear”.

Thanks Mom!

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting… ME!


Hi Guys! this is my first ever post on WordPress.

I hope this will be my new home for all my blogging, writing, and articles I love to write. I was writing on Yahoo Contributor but as some of you may know, they chose to close that portion of their site. Sad as I was about this at least they gave us all the rights to our writings when they did so we could publish (and polish) on other sites. I have been looking and looking and decided to come here!

I hope you all enjoy the things I put here and as always, I like to hear what you have to say, good or bad, so please please leave (respectful) comments below and let me know how I am doing.

One more thing I would like to share about me that I didn’t put in my about me section, I also vlog. I will share some of the vlogs here. most of them are of me in my car talking to you guys. Some of them are DIY and cooking vids. All are my own intellectual property so if you share just come tell me or leave a comment on the video.

Thanks Guys!!