Lunch with Granny


Hey Guys!

Today I did my taxes. About half way through I decided to take a break and go to the local Capt. D’s for some fish lunch. I made my order of a grilled salmon dinner, figuring this would have the least amount of gastric devastation for my finicky tummy.

I got my meal to go since I don’t particularly like to eat in public alone. As I stood waiting for my buzzer to go off, I took a moment to soak up the environment around me.  I noticed that the majority of the guests were elderly folks. Nicely dressed as if they had just come from church. The ladies were all in dresses, sweetly quaffed hair, and just a bit of makeup. The gents in their suits and ties, hair finely styled as well, hurrying around to get drinks and condiments for their ladies and themselves.

Just then, a memory came to mind of going to a similar place with my granny and my parents as a child. Granny loved her catfish dinner on Sunday. I don’t recall actually going to church with Granny, but I do remember going to lunch. I couldn’t help but smile at the memory from so long ago.

Granny used to like the raw onion with her fish. I remember I used to wrinkle my nose when she would offer me one. She would smile and say that I didn’t know what I was missing. I still don’t like raw onion like that, but Granny was right.

Then I took another look around and realized that there were no grandchildren with these folks. Just tables and tables of elderly folks chatting among themselves. That made me feel a bit sad. The memories I have with my granny mean so much and I wondered if these people ever got to spend time with their grand kids. I hoped so.

I wish I could have another lunch with Granny.


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