A Letter to Myself



This is my personal script for getting my business going. I AM a writer and I WILL be successful at doing what I love.

The reason I am doing this is because I love to stretch my imagination and capture someone’s attention with my words. I love the way words can create emotion and paint a mental picture. I have always wanted to be my own boss and live by my own schedule and now at 46 years of age and with the help of my loving supportive husband I am going to do it.

Words and writing have always been a passion for me. Unfortunately for me I have put everyone first. By everyone I do mean everyone, kids, family and friends, job’s needs all before my own. It is time to find out who Wendy is and what she wants.

I am a strong intelligent gifted individual who deserves to be happy in all aspects of life. I am my own person and the people that I bring to my friend and family circle are all hand picked. In some way they fit into the puzzle of my life and create a harmonious bubble.

I will be successful because I believe in myself. I will not allow rejection and criticism tear down my self esteem. I will use this information to learn and improve my skills. Everyone has an opinion and no one is perfect. I am good enough to accomplish this goal for myself. I will be self employed and successful.

I will find smaller jobs to take on while I am honing my skills to better prepare myself to take on the bigger jobs and thus my own manuscript. The more I write the better I will become because, I am good enough to make it in this market. No job is beneath me. No job is above me. I am adaptable and will make every effort to satisfy the client to the fullest extent of my ability.

I will learn the things that make my life easier and incorporate these things daily. I will improve the things I already know and strive to learn something new everyday to improve me as a person and as a writer. I will be efficient with my time and I will be organized.

I will not allow myself become complacent and lazy when success starts to become apparent and recognizable. I will be firm with my family and friends when I am completely self-employed in that I won’t allow them to be a hindrance or to usurp my time. Being self-employed is a real job. My home is my office and the work is very real.

I will set reasonable daily goals for myself that are reasonably attainable. I will challenge myself. I will not be disillusioned into thinking this will all happen overnight. I am a clear thinker and I know that success doesn’t happen overnight. Success takes hard work and perseverance. I will dedicate as much time and energy into creating a successful as is necessary. Half the battle is already won because I am affirming to myself in this letter all that I am and all that I will accomplish.

I wrote this to myself 5 years ago. Four days ago I published my first book. It is a small E-book called Grammy’s Grub. It can be found on Amazon Kindle. at the link below.


There will be many more books of all kinds there from me.

See ya soon!